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 03 February 2009

My photo's featured for the first time.   
Some of my photo's have been featured in the Leicestershire and Rutland Life magazine. I was contacted by the feature writer through the Earl Shilton Camera Club that I attend. The magazine ran a 3 page spread of my photo's with a brief interview with me.

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 22 January 2009

Jon's 40th Party   
I've uploaded the pictures from Jon's 40th party. See the family section of the gallery.

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 20 January 2009

A couple of new videos from Xmas   

I've uploaded a couple of new videos from Xmas. The first is Max, Hugo, Megan & Tiffany play fighting on Boxing Day. The second is Megan's performance as a cat in her classes performance of Six Dinner Sid.

Login and check out the video section.

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 26 August 2008

It's out !!!   
Megan's lost her first tooth. It's been very wobbly for a couple of days but fell out last night. No more "little girl" smiles in our pictures any more.

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 16 June 2008

RedMorello taking off !!   
I can't believe its the middle of June already. We've had a great holiday down in Devon a couple of weeks ago, even if a force 8 gale swept through the campsite for 2 days !!!! My http://www.redmorello.com venture is really starting to come to life, i'm currently working on 3 new paid websites, with a couple more hopefuls that i'm just waiting to hear back from. Gotta start planning for our next trip away, 1 week down in Cornwall (St Ives), and then stopping in Woolacombe on the way back for a week. I'll hopefully get the pictures uploaded sometime before christmas at this rate.

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 23 January 2008

Competition Winner !!   

I took part in the "Still Life" competition at my local photography club (http://www.earlshiltoncameraclub.org.uk), there was over 60 entries and this was my print that won:

Pencil shavings

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 05 November 2007

A Friday to forget   

Friday 2nd was not such a good day. We went to Anna's house for her birthday party in the evening, and Megan got hit by a firework in the garden. Her hair was on fire and she got a burn to her left shoulder. We took her to George Elliot but they let her go after putting a patch and some cream on her shoulder. I was worried that it had affected her eye. Anyway she's ok now and doesn't seem to be too traumatised by it all. Hopefully we are going to an organised firework display tonight. She was more worried about burning her new High School Musical t-shirt and missing the rest of the party.

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 05 November 2007

Our trip to London   

For Tracey's 30th I organised a trip down to London to see Mary Poppins at the theatre. We travelled back from our week in Swanage on Friday 26th, and then travelled back down to Hatfield after dropping Tiffany off at Nanny's.

Arrived at the hotel in Hatfield (what a dump) late on Friday. On Saturday morning we caught the train into London and first stop was the Natural History museum http://www.nhm.ac.uk/. We were really impressed, you could spend all day in this place looking at all the exhibits. We then moved onto the Science museum http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/, but didn't enjoy this so much. Apart from the first floor, the exhibits were quite poor.

Then in the afternoon we went to Hamleys and the Disney store which Megan enjoyed.

Mary Poppins was excellent, we had really good seats, and we stayed around at the end by the stage door and Megan got her picture taken with Mary Poppins, Burt and Jane (11yrs). We got back to the hotel at about 1am.

The next day we went to see the changing of the guards, after waiting in the rain for 1.5 hrs they then decided to cancel all of it - gutted !!. The rest of the day was a bit of a damp squib, it was cold, raining, but we did manage a visit to London aquarium, which was good (and we bumped into Jane from Mary Poppins again!!). We were all very tired when we got home.

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 13 June 2007

Mini Trailer   

I was doing a Google search for Ian Houghton the other day and came across a Mini website that had copied my instructions and pictures on how to make a Mini Trailer. I had forgotten about the pictures and never made a copy of my old Mini website. The pictures can be found in the public galleries.

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 16 April 2007

Disneyland Paris   

We've arrived back from spending Easter in Disneyland Paris. The kids really enjoyed themselves even if we walked their feet off !! Bank Holiday Monday was very busy in the park, but the 15th Anniversary on the 12th was even busier, some of the ride queues were over an hour. I've now got over 600 pictures to sift through before uploading the best on here. There are a couple of new videos from Disney in the video section.

The Eurostar from Ashford was very good, it took just over 2.5 hours to arrive at the park entrance. We stayed in the Hotel Santa Fe, budget accommodation, but then again we didn't spend that much time in the room.

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 09 January 2007

A new arrival for Miranda & Mark   

Miranda and Mark have had a baby boy called Maxwell Ray this morning. He was delivered at 5.14am weight, 6lb 12oz's. The pictures have been uploaded into the private gallery section.

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 19 October 2006

Megan's been to see the headmistress !!!   

Megan got asked to see the headmistress on Monday, and not for the reason that my brother was always accussed of.

She had been working on her letters and spelling and her teacher was so impressed that she sent her to the headmistress for a special sticker. Megan was the first person from her class to get this. Megan has also been given some spelling exercises earlier than the rest of the class as her teacher thinks she's ready for them.

I'd better start saving for that Phd course now then............ 

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 05 September 2006

Megan start's school   

Megan started reception class yesterday at Burbage Infants School. Afternoons only until Christmas, and then full time. She's not in the same class as her usual friends, but she came home yesterday saying she'd made new friends. Activites so far, sand pit, home corner, farm figures, stories and algebra......

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 06 July 2006

Megan's dance show   
Megan had her dance show last Saturday. There were 2 performances with 3 different dances in each show. She performed fantastically, we were so proud. The pictures are not the best as the lighting was quite poor, but you can see them in the gallery under family. The show even had to put up with a fire in the rear of the theatre during the second performance. Will hopefully get some video up soon.

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 01 July 2006

New folders and content   
I've created some new folders in the private section (C&T's 40th, Megan dancing, Padstow) and i've created a new photography folder in the public section.

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 22 May 2006

Website updates   

I have made quite a few changes to the site and the way it functions behind the scenes. Thanks to Jeremy Wadsworth for the modified source code and support for when it all went wrong.

New modifications:

    • Change to the way the images are stored. (DB to file system)
    • Blog now added.
    • User maintenance via website.
    • Content maintenance via website.

Now I just need to sort out the video section and we'll be back to normal.

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 12 April 2006

Family videos   
The video page has now been moved out of the public area and the links have been re-instated.

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 24 March 2006

Our new camera   
We've just bought a new camera, its a Nikon D50  (digital SLR), so you should notice an improvement in the quality of the pictures, when we've figured out how to operate it !!!

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 18 March 2006

Tiffany's started on porridge and fruit in the last week. She seems to be enjoying that more than her milk.

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 12 March 2006

Megan's Birthday   
Megan's 4th birthday today. She had her party at the local gymnastics club, see the pictures in the albums section.

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